What Do Anal Beads Feel Like?

People’s increased interest in ass play encourages them to reveal some simple ways of making it easier and more exciting. It, of course, seems a bit daunting for the first time. Nobody can say for sure how they will react when an object will penetrate their anus. It is just a misconception that it will cause pain. If practiced properly, anal play can become one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences of your life. You can feel the same sensation by using anal beads. 

If now you are wondering what do anal beads feel like, the simplest answer to this question would be “amazing”. Numerous sex coaches advocate the use of this sex toy before going for ass play for the first time. Anal beads help you in terminating the fear of anal penetration. You can stimulate anal play and reveal how far you can go when you and your partner want to try it. 

The excitement when you prepare for it:

Anal beads are a great tool for anal play simulation. It will be some exciting moments when you will get your sex toy and prepare for the session. You will need a high-quality model if it is your first time. Hence lubes will play a very important role during the insertion and anal play, you will have to pick the right set of lubricants to make it enjoyable. This whole phase of selection of the right products will be a thrilling experience for you. 

It will reveal some amazing facts about sex toys and the way you make both vaginal and ass play enjoyable without facing any sort of discomfort during these activities. You will cover all the beads in a thick layer of lubes to make sure it will not hurt. When everything is ready, you will feel thrilled and very excited about the next step.  

The sensation when you put anal beads in:

Insertion is a very crucial step and also the most thrilling step. It is the time when you are about to put anal beads in your rectum. The first thing your rectum will sense is the coldness of the lube you have applied on anal beads. It will transmit a wave of excitement in your body and eliminate all the negative thoughts about anal beads. The first touch of the first bead may scare you a little bit but increased excitement will encourage you to go further. 

You will have to push the first bead slowly into your anus. It will go through different regions of your rectum and each region will reveal a different sensation. Several nerve cells housed within the outermost layer of anus will make you feel an object is pushed in. It may be a bit uncomfortable experience for a while, but you can relax and let the bead pass through the entrance. It will feel like something tickling and the smallest size bead will easily pass through the entrance. 

The moment when you are ready to push larger size beads in:

Although it is a very exciting moment, you must take your time and play with the first anal bead entered in your anus. Wait for a while until you feel comfortable and then get ready to push it further. Now a slightly larger size bead will pass through your rectum and that first bead will go through sphincter muscles. It might feel a bit painful because sphincter muscle is the second narrowing within the anus that will react in a different way. 

It is where the lube will play an important role. If you are using high-quality, silicone-based or oil-based lube, it will remain intact on the beads. Your anal beads will easily slip through sphincter muscles and you will not face notable pain. The sensation of putting larger size beads in the rectum will be amazing. You would love to push anal beads much further because it will not hurt. The only thing you will feel is the excitement of anal play. Do not go too rough if it is your first time. Move the beads slowly and enjoy their rubbing and massaging effect within the rectum. 

When you are moving beads back and forth:

The beginners often wonder will it hurt or not when going for ass play. Sex coaches suggest them to try anal sex toys before they actually try anal play with their partners. Butt plugs can do wonders, but anal beads are designed to simulate anal play. So, when the beads are in and you must move them back and forth to reveal how it feels when your partner is penetrating that region. It will rub the mutual wall of anus and vagina and you will feel the extreme pleasure of anal sex. 

You may release quite often during the play and feel thoroughly exhausted, but nothing is going to stop you from moving that anal sex toy. That’s what anal beads can do for you. Ask any experienced individual what do anal beads feel like, everyone will say awesome and so erotic. So, you must get high-quality anal beads now and try this sex toy if you have not tried it yet. 

Should you worry about your health?

There is no reason to worry about health unless you or your partner decide to go rough and make it a weird experience. The anus is a very sensitive and delicate part of your body and you should treat it properly. Putting anal toys such as anal beads or butt plugs in without applying lube can cause big trouble. You will feel a lot of pain during the insertion and that toy will stick to the internal walls of your anus when it is in. The anal canal does not release any kind of lube and therefore it may be very painful to put anything in there without applying quality lube. 

You should not worry about your health if you are using a high-quality model of anal beads with top rated lubricant. That little pain will turn into your excitement and you will love the way beads penetrate further and further into your butt.  

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